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Jed Wallace, President and CEO

California Charter Schools Association

USC's School Performance Dashboard is a useful and easy tool for leaders, educators, parents, and the public to review several aspects of charter school performance in California. By integrating useful data on fiscal health, governance stability and academic performance, USC's dashboard is able to take a closer look at individual schools and allow different stakeholders to explore a range of performance metrics for charter schools in California.”

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Cheryl Bloom, Principal

River Valley Charter High School

As a school administrator for the past seventeen years, I have always believed that to be truly accountable for our students' academic achievement we must be able to accurately measure progress. The USC Dashboard report has taken numerous variables that define successful charter schools and has compiled the information as a measure of progress for California charter schools. Clearly defining measurable benchmarks can only improve the quality of education in this country.”

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Moises G. Aguirre

Charter School Manager

San Diego Unified School District

The USC School Performance Dashboard is an insightful tool for charter school authorizers. It provides a useful snapshot of the overall financial and academic health of charter schools. The data that was especially useful was the break down by individual charter schools authorized by our district.”

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José J. Cole-Gutiérrez

Director, Charter Schools Division

Los Angeles Unified School District

The USC Dashboard is a valuable, trustworthy resource that I am always excited to receive and reference as our team works to increase student achievement through high quality authorizing.”

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David Patterson, Ed.D.

Superintendent, Rocklin Academy Family of Schools

The USC School Performance Dashboard is a valuable and unique tool for our three schools. As an objective view of our schools and all California charter schools, it provides our school community with key indicators regarding our performance not available anywhere else.”

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Jo Ann Burnett

Principal/Executive Director

Temecula Valley Charter School

Hearing from a local reporter that Temecula Valley Charter School had been named a top ten charter school in the state by the USC Rossier School of Education Performance Dashboard came as a surprise to me...I quickly researched the Performance Dashboard document and was absolutely thrilled to receive this recognition! After notifying our governance council...I met during the summer months with the school leadership team. We determined to use this recognition as a springboard for staff development...”

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Christine Lizardi Frazier, Ed.D

Kern County Superintendent of Schools

The USC School Performance Dashboard's look at charter schools in California is a helpful tool in evaluating educational success. Alone, individual schools would not have the time and resources necessary to drill down to the key indicators and strategies that guide successful charter schools. The trusted scholars at USC, in partnership with local educators in the field, have put together concise information that helps focus the search for results. It is a tool we will continue to use as we explore all the promising options available to the field.”

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Dennis “Coach” Snyder


Escondido Charter School District

The Dashboard will give charter schools the ability to share with their sponsoring districts, bondholders, banks, investors, and parents. It is an outside source which gives a view on what is happening both fiscally and academically at the school.”

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Fred Ali

President and Chief Administrative Officer

Weingart Foundation

It is impressive how the Dashboard enables us to not only deeply understand the performance of specific charter schools but gauge their performance in comparison to other schools within a district and throughout the state. The inclusion of fiscal information is especially useful and impressive... The Dashboard tremendously helps parents making school choices, students whose education is shaped by school performance, and teachers and administrators assessing their own performance and growth. It was important to the Weingart Foundation to support this effort as we foresaw its wide-ranging benefit to our immediate community as well as the state.”

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